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Same Day Smiles

Same Day Smiles Puts an End to the Headaches

Any one of the procedures we have available can give every patient the same day smiles they want. Everyone has their lives to get to when they leave, so when they make an appointment, our patients know they can plan their lives accordingly to guarantee that they will be out and ready with their same day smiles. Most procedures do not take up too much time, like whitening and a few other procedures off our list. Others depend on how much work is needed. Everyone is different and has different needs when they come in for a visit. There is no way to tell even an approximate without the consultation first. We strive to answer all of the patient's questions and concerns within the consultation, and they will know by the end, approximately, how long the procedure requested will take. Having the same day smiles is what our patients love the most.

The same day dentures are the most impressive for our patients. Many do not realize how much our technology has grown over the last few decades. In the past, multiple appointments needed to be scheduled to get the dentures right for the patients. With the same day dentures, it not only fixes the problem orally, but it is fewer headaches and hassles getting everything done in one day. Our experience and expertise offer less stress, wait time, and trips back to our office. We love to see everyone, and after meeting us, our patients have many good things to say about how fast they were in and out of our office. It used to be scary at first when people realized they needed dentures because they knew it was unachievable to get it done in one day. Today, that fear and worry are gone. Everyone comes in, gets their dentures done, and leaves with a smile they appreciate.

It's a Life Changing Experience...

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