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Experience your transformation

Looking for the opportunity in getting a smile transformation?  Digital Smile Makeovers is

the way to go!  Your life belongs to you. 

Taking action will improve your 


Make It Happen!

Image of a smiling, beautiful woman's face expressing joy and confidence

Same Day Smiles

Rejuvenate your smile with natural life-like results in comfort and in minimal time.

                                 are available today.

Same Day Implants

Dental implants can replace your teeth in the most natural way possible.   From one tooth to a complete smile, Learn how dental implants can get you back to health and beauty creating a 

Same Day Dentures

Thanks to the latest in

we can now provide our patients with Same Day Dentures without the traditional hassles and headaches of scheduling multiple appointments.  We have the expertise to make your same day visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

It's a life changing experience...

Jozef Petricko

I smile a lot but before I luckily found Dr. Brown, I had a little difficulty with my teeth so… I tried to avoid the smile. I was talking about this [procedure] for a long time but it’s a serious, serious procedure. I wanted to make sure I was talking to somebody whom I feel fully comfortable [with]. I was blessed enough to meet Dr. Brown and Frank who clearly explained what my future looks like. And with no hesitation, I moved forward. 
…I am very happy, and I think all my family is happy for me as well.
I am no campaign manager; I will make it clear for everybody who will this. I don’t do this for financial reasons. If somebody ever decides to do something with their teeth, make sure you think before you’re doing it. Make sure you’re doing the right things…
…This is one of the best decisions of my life… and I deeply appreciate it again, Dr. Brown and Frank and all their team [for] what they’ve done and how they’ve treated me. 

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